Digital tools undoubtedly play an integral role in strategic event management. With meetings, conferences and exhibitions being planned, organised and managed using digital platforms and software, HeadBox is providing a solution to close the gap in the events industry. Our aim is to bring in substantial benefits for planners, bookers and venues, such as cost and time savings, higher attendee satisfaction and better exposure.

According to a study done by William Ryan, Alex Fenton, Wasim Ahmed and Phillip Scarf for the International Journal of Event and Festival Management in 2021, the events industry can be considered ‘digitally immature’. The majority of the industry have a lack of technological awareness, which has a significant effect on event management.

Undoubtedly, the events industry has traditionally been behind when it comes to digital transformation, with planners, bookers and venues communicating through several different platforms and outdated software. Additionally, venues have operated with a lack of data, causing budget and time management issues.

In response to new challenges in the events industry, caused by the ongoing pandemic, there is a growing trend towards consolidation of the technology that drives meetings and events. For venues, being thoughtful in your choice of tech tools will ensure you add agility to your operations, rather than slowing them down. HeadBox aims to simplify the event planning process by providing the necessary tools in one easily accessible platform.

Read on to learn about the range of products available to venues and the benefits venue managers and corporate bookers see with HeadBox’s unique next-generation technology.

Products For Venues

HeadBox offers three different products for venues, allowing Hosts to access the type of client and bookings they want. 

HeadBox 3D Models – 3D venue tours allow venues to digitally promote their spaces in a premium way. These 3D virtual tours can be used by venues to sell their event spaces, embedded into a venue’s website, promoted on social media and featured on HeadBox listings.

Lead Feed – Offering a high volume of quality event enquiries, Lead Feed gives venues proactive access to a live feed of new leads and the freedom to book them your way, commission-free.

Power Host – With the Power Host package, venues can enhance their ranking within our ecosystem to increase the frequency of relevant enquiries, gaining access to high-value corporate events and additional marketing exposure.

Benefits For Venues:

More than just a venue marketplace

HeadBox allows venues to unlock brilliant events to generate more revenue from the clients they want. Venue listings are free, providing exposure to corporate and consumer event bookers. Listing on HeadBox is the first step towards a jam-packed event schedule.

A proactive way to source new booking opportunities

Our unique software has been proven to increase booking conversions as well providing access to a new and high value client base. Our team of event specialists carefully match enquiries with the right venue, freeing up time for your team to focus on other aspects of running your venue.

Save time and money

HeadBox 3D technology provides a brilliant sales and marketing tool for venues. Throughout the pandemic, the events industry has been presented with a number of unique challenges, with a significant shift to virtual meaning event bookers are now more reliant on digital methods of finding, qualifying and booking spaces. 

HeadBox utilises Dolls House 3D technology to showcase a venue to bookers. Not only does HeadBox 3D drive up to 48% more digital engagement and increase booking conversions by 7% but it will also save time and money for the venue, making it an invaluable sales and marketing tool.

The unique 3D technology enables potential clients to explore an entire venue online before they make an enquiry. Venues can embed all the information customers may request, such as brochures, menus, videos, floor plans and more. Ultimately, this reduces lower quality enquiries, saving time, money and resources on clients or events that aren’t suitable.

Benefits For Bookers:

Increase efficiency

HeadBox Business software allows large companies to plan, build, manage and track their meetings and events in one place. Together with our single point of contract and single point of payment means corporate bookers can do more with less.

An integrated platform that increases visibility and control

Offering shared access amongst the organisation’s divisions means the team can see a more complete view of expenses and can streamline processes. HeadBox technology allows consolidation of data across all meetings and events, giving businesses real time visibility and control to maximise spend under management.

More choice, less research

HeadBox Businesses clients can utilise all aspects of the human-kind technology gaining access to a vast range of venues within the HeadBox eco-system. To ensure efficiency and productivity, HeadBox provides a team of experienced event professionals to assist in the research and development of the event.

Now is the time to consider how corporate clients and venue managers can take their events to the next level and transform their event schedule. To find out more about what HeadBox could do for your venue, get in touch with us today.


1. Who can use HeadBox?

Anyone! Whether you’re a corporate booker looking for a private dining room, meeting room, Christmas or EOFY party venue or you’re a social booker looking for the perfect spot to host your birthday party, hens night or wedding – HeadBox has you covered.

2. What is HeadBox?

HeadBox connects corporate and consumer bookers with venues and suppliers and is the easy way to book, manage and deliver everything in one place. No long searches, no stress, no hidden costs.

3. How do I submit an event brief?

Submitting an event brief is an easy process. Our intuitive brief builder will take you through a series of questions collecting all the necessary details needed to host a great event. We want to know details such as where your event will take place, on what date, how many people are attending, and what your total budget is. Once you submit this information, relevant and available venues will respond to your brief!

4. How long will it take for venues to respond?

Our venues are super quick to respond! You should receive responses or a proposal within 24-48 business hours.

5. What are the top 5 things to consider when choosing a venue?

The cost, the location, style, capacity & catering options.