When you think of a treehouse, luxury isn’t normally the first word that comes to mind. For Manchester, though, that’s about to change. 

The long-neglected Renaissance Hotel on Deansgate is about to become the latest addition to the globe-spanning Treehouse Hotel group. With beautiful, eye-catching hotels in London, Sydney and the US, the new Manchester venue will be in good company. 

The fifteen-storey canal-side building will be transformed into a 216-room hotel that brings the enchanting allure of the forest to Manchester’s old industrial area.

The Treehouse Hotel promises panoramic views, a rooftop bar, a range of event spaces and amazing food and drink options. Judging from the success and renown of the London hotel, Mancunians are in for a treat. 

The Treehouse, Manchester, looks set to open in the spring of 2023. In the meantime, climb a tree, build a house or check out some of the other great hotels in the city. 

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