There are few greater moments in the British calendar than that first-day basking in unspoiled sunshine. The preceding months of cloud and drear burn away and the roads and avenues are packed with open cans and t-shirt tans. Blissful. 

Manchester is no exception, in fact, summer in the infamously rainy city has an extra air of long-awaited celebration to it. Here are a few ways you can make the most of Manchester this summer. 

Park Manchester
  1. Parks

Nothing screams summer more than a warm evening spent chilling on the rolling green land of Manchester’s amazing parks. There are so many great choices, in fact, that we had to create a whole other list for you to take a look at. 

Beer Garden
  1. Beer gardens

If pubs in Manchester prove the saving grace of those many rain-swept afternoons, it is the humble beer garden that proves the MVP of a good summer boozing session. From canal-side pints to cocktails on a roof terrace, the drinking scene in Manchester has you covered. Take a look at our top picks for some of Manchester’s best pubs. 

Jurassic Farm, Manchester
  1. Jurassic Farm

One for the kids, Cockfield’s Farm (within a 40 minutes drive of Manchester) undergoes a yearly transition into a dinosaur-filled wonderland. Excavate fossils and meet a T-Rex before riding a carousel. It’s a weird hybrid of agriculture and, well, dinosaurs – what’s not to love? 

manchester pride
  1. Pride

A key fixture in Manchester’s summer roster, the Pride festival proves the perfect place to say goodbye to summer with a bang. The main parade snakes across the city, whilst the hub of Canal Street hosts the yearly Gay Village Party with a stunning array of performances. Attend the public festival before heading into one of the amazing associated venues and you won’t regret it.

  1. Bike hire

 Few things are as quaintly *summer* as a leisurely bike ride, and few bike rentals do quaint as well as Didsbury Bicycle Hire. Hire out a beautiful bike adorned with a wicker basket and head off for a picnic on one of Didsbury’s surrounding greens. Idyllic. 


Thinking of hosting your own summer party? Let us know exactly what you’re dreaming of and we’ll contact the best venues in the city, for free – we’re nice like that.