Today we chat with two of HeadBox’s Business Development Managers, about their roles, trials and tribulations, and 2021 goals. Sarah works at the Sydney headquarters and Sophie is based in our Brisbane office. 

What attracted you to work at HeadBox?

Sarah: A new challenge! I actually went through a major career change when joining HeadBox, moving from television to event-tech sales. This was a really daunting move for me, but I had a gut feeling about HeadBox. I think the success they have experienced in Europe definitely gave me that extra confidence in taking the leap.

Sophie: Working for a start-up. My previous sales and client services roles have been in larger, more established companies and I was particularly attracted to putting my stamp on things and growing with the company from the offset.

What’s the best bit about your job?

Sarah: Getting to speak to so many different and interesting people. My role, in particular, is to build relationships with venues and get them listed on the HeadBox platform. Despite living in Sydney I was still completely blown away by the breadth of venues we have here. I have found so many hidden gems!

Sophie: Similarly, it has to be the perks of being in the events industry. I have loved getting to see and experience so many venues as part of my role. Brisbane has so many amazing spaces and has an incredible vibe! 

Based on that answer, we have to ask what’s your favourite venue?

Sophie: Good question. I think from a personal standpoint it has to be Mr Mista. Their Asian inspired menu and cocktail list is amazing. As the evening draws on, tables are removed and the DJ gets the dance-floor going. The perfect place for a fun night with friends or colleagues! I have to also mention Arcana, it’s such a unique, quirky and versatile space located 6km outside of Brisbane’s CBD. The venue houses studios, a performance space and a colourful bar. This is the ultimate entertainment venue when hired exclusively and I think Arcana will be popular amongst our creative bookers.

Sarah: It is very hard to pull out favourites as I have seen so many excellent venues. However, there is one that I am desperate to get the team down to for some Friday night drinks and that’s The Butler – their terrace is amazing, really botanic with such a good view. Then when I visited The Penthouse at The Ivy Precinct I just knew this is going to be a real hit with our corporate bookers in particular, for meetings, intimate dinners or product launches, you cannot fault their facilities, food and service.

What’s the most challenging part of your role?

Sophie: Time management! We all wear many hats at HeadBox dipping our toes into all areas of the company whether that’s sales, marketing, operations or PR. It’s very easy to get distracted by other tasks, so to combat this we discuss our targets and priorities each morning to realign on our goals we want to achieve that particular day or week.

Sarah: Naturally in a sales role, it has to be people saying no.

Buoyancy is absolutely key in sales – any advice or tips you have for other sales managers reading this?

Sarah: Our COO always says a ‘no is not a no, it’s just a not now’. We have lots of positive energy at HeadBox so we look for new ways to engage with potential clients or other routes into the decision-maker. Then if it really is a ‘not now’ then we turn our attention to the next potential client.

Sophie: As a sales manager it is so important not to take ‘no’s’ personally. I find if you have a challenging call or demo it’s important to take a small break – chat with a colleague, make a cup of tea, or take a short walk. For me, a mini-break and a fresh outlook always improves my motivation and therefore conversion.

What are you most excited about for 2021?

Sophie: As the first employee in the Brisbane office I cannot wait to see the team grow and take Queensland by storm! 

Sarah: Well, funnily enough, Sophie and I are both getting married in 2022 (not to each other) so I cannot wait to kill two birds with one stone and utilise my job to be able to source a gorgeous wedding venue!

To learn more about HeadBox head to our website and check out some of our amazing venues across Brisbane and Sydney for your next event.